The First Fruits Class

Leader: LIVE Worship leader, Travis Abercrombie

Starts: Inquire, as it is happening throughout the year


NO COST! And no outside reading/homework...except for reading your Bibles! :)

After attending the Inquirer's Gathering on a Sunday morning at 10:00, this 9-week course is the 2nd part of our Growth and Connection Track here at Mauldin Methodist.  During the course will explore many facets of the Christian life (the Spiritual Disciplines, worship, the Church, Methodism, and the Body of Christ).   We will look into our own faith--ultimately equipping us with confidence, so as to continue our journey towards fruitful discipleship with the body of Christ at Mauldin Methodist. This is THE place for newcomers to this church, because it not only connects you with a group, but it helps you begin your walk with us in community with Christ as the firm foundation!  It's open to anyone and happens multiple times a year!  No Biblical knowledge is required and no question is off limits! This is a friendly, DVD/discussion-based study featuring a video presentation of Rev. Smoke Kanipe and then a discussion led by our LIVE Worship leader, Travis Abercrombie.   After completing First Fruits, you are encouraged to enroll in the next phase of our Growth Track, Disciple I with Rev. Smoke Kanipe.  


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