Back Pack Food Program

The Back Pack Food Program was created over the summer of 2011.  This program is one done in many churches where we collect food a distribute the food to children who may not have food when not in school.  We work with the school and the PTA at a local elementary school to determine which children currently receiving the free lunch program may be at risk of not having anything to eat over the weekend or long holidays while at home.  The food is distributed to teachers who then place the food in their back packs before they leave on break while the students are out.  This way there is no stigma attached at having to carry the food home.  The teachers are the only ones who know which students are getting food.

The program has been a huge success.  We have several fundraisers that are used to help provide food over the long breaks like Thanksgiving and Christmas but the weekly food comes from donations collected in the wooden boxes marked Back Pack Food Program located in the Son Room and the Spirit Center.

Examples of items we need include:
· Juice boxes or milk boxes
· Individual servings of spaghetti, macaroni, beanie weenies, etc.
· Peanut butter or other crackers
· Individual cereals
· Granola or cereal bars
· Vienna sausages
· Fruit cups (peaches, pears, applesauce)
· Tuna fish
· Chips, goldfish, pretzels, cheez-its, etc,
· Pop-tarts