Family with Mission Society

Our church family has grown in our mission activities ever since our first foreign mission trip in 2004. One of the ways we grew the most is our church members stepping out in mission activity. Several college students decided to go on one and two month trips to various locations to do mission work. It has been a wonderful experience to see our church members grow in their faith through missions and continue to seek new opportunities to serve the body of Christ.

So when one of our own families decided to become full time missionaries, the church prayed for guidance as they navigated the many ways to fulfill this calling. This family decided they were called to serve in the Middle East as part of a tent making mission philosophy. Basically they  work along side others from different faiths than their own and share their lives with them. Basically being examples of Christ’s love as a way to start discussions about their beliefs.

Our church supports this family through our budget and special collections.   Their identity is anonymous online for safety purposes.