Tanzania Mission Trip

Mauldin United Methodist Church is the home of several individuals who have been to Tanzania on mission trips to work with Full Dimension Ministry and members of the Full Dimension Ministry board of directors at one time or another.  It was the first foreign mission trip for the individual who started our foreign mission teams in 2001.  Our church members have been involved in the building of the medical clinic, designing and building the rainwater harvesting systems and the pre-school building.  So in 2009 it seemed perfect to start up our own Tanzania mission trip to work with Full Dimension Ministry.

That first year, 11 individuals (many from our Peru mission teams) took off for the long journey.  The flights over lasted around 30 hours plus a 10 hour layover in London which we made good use of to do a bus tour of downtown London.  Immediately after we landed we loaded our luggage and ourselves into Landrovers for the 8 hour drive into the heart of Tanzania along bumpy dirt roads. We spent our nights in Singida, the only town with a hotel and electricity and every day we traveled to Yullansoni to work with the boys and girls at Full Dimension Ministry's pre-school.  80 kids and only one teacher but they were so well behaved and we had a blast doing Vacation Bible School with them.  We also visited Moma Rosa's Orphanage, a nomadic tribe of Barabaigs, and the medical clinic of Full Dimension Minsitry.

The trip changed a lot of our lives but it also worked show the Love of God to the people ministered to by Full Dimension Ministry.  They understood the cost of our trip and how many creature comforts the team members gave up so they could visit, worship and share with them.  One team member went back in January 2010 to do engineering work for the medical site concerning power generation, site planning and rainwater harvesting.

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Tanzania 2009

Pictures from the 2009 Tanzania Mission Trip

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