Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

Operation Christmas Child is a program where a simple gift can affect entire families and show them God’s love. Mauldin United Methodist Church has been involved in Operation Christmas Child for years. In the last couple of years, the Outreach Committee in conjunction with the Action Class has provided plastic shoeboxes for our membership to use. The plastic shoeboxes are more durable and the children can reuse them in a multiple different ways.

Every year we collect around 500 shoeboxes and box them up for shipping to a processing center. In addition to those who are involved in filling the shoeboxes, we have a fall festival to raise funds for filling additional shoeboxes and encourage collections, people involved in packing the boxes up and moving them to a regional collection point. One of the best things about this ministry is the opportunity it provides families to teach children about missions and sharing God’s love with others.

Each year we also send a mission team to Charlotte, NC to work on processing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The group goes up on the Church Bus and works for about 4 hours.  It is through this volunteer work force that Operation Christmas Child processes boxes from all the local collection points, repairs damage and ships to countries throughout the world.  The team normally signs up in November.

If you would like to participate in this ministry please contact the outreach committee at

Operation Christmas Child

Pictures from the annual mission trip to help process shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in Charlotte, NC.

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