Nursery Information

A nursery is available for children eligible to participate in Three Year Old Kindergarten and younger each Sunday morning.  We have four rooms available and each room is staffed with two employees at all times.  This assures compliance with The Safe Sanctuary Policy that our church implemented in 1996.  Information on this policy is available upon request.

Sunday morning nursery:

Infant room – This room is for newborn children until they are walking with little assistance and are steady on their feet.  These children will move to the Toddler room when they are walking well
Toddler room – Toddlers that are walking well
2 Year room – Children that are age two as of September 1 of the current year.  These are children that would be eligible to participate in 2 year old Kindergarten (K2)
3 Year room – Children that are age three as of September 1 of the current year.  These are
children that would be eligible to participate in 3 year old Kindergarten (K3)
Each year on the first Sunday in September we will have promotion Sunday.  At this time the children will move up to the next nursery room.  This will be announced and nursery personnel will be available to guide you.  This does not apply for the transition from the Infant Room to the Toddler Room.  Parents and nursery personnel will make this decision together based on the walking ability of the child. 

Weeknight and weekend nursery:

These nurseries are designed for children twelve and younger.  Safe sanctuary rules are always in effect.  These nurseries are usually in the Toddler Room.  Toddlers and Infants are separated with older children viewing a movie in our movie room.  If the weather permits the children may be taken outside to play on the age appropriate playground or to the gymnasium.  The entrance for the weekend and weeknight nursery is the glass door in the back alley in front of the Spirit Center.  If this door is locked please ring the door bell and a nursery worker will let you in.  When possible we keep this door locked for safety reasons. 

General Information

 Each time you drop your child off in a nursery, we ask that you please fill out our sign in sheet. This will give us important information about your child and will enable us to locate you should the need arise.  We have pagers available on request. Please make us aware of any allergies that your child may have each and every time that you drop your child off.  Your child’s safety and comfort is very important to us.  For children without allergies that are in the Toddler, 2 yr room and 3 yr room, we provide diluted apple juice and animal crackers.  In the infant room we provide Cheerios and Gerber Fruit/Vegetable Puffs if your child is on solid foods. You may bring snacks for your child if you prefer.  Please make sure your child’s name is on all containers that you bring and on their diaper bag.  If you are leaving the premises, for example, during a Date Night Bible Study, a telephone number is required.  A Permission/Emergency Medical Form must be completed and on file for each child that participates in our nursery program.  These forms are available in the Infant nursery room, the Church Office and the office of our Director of Children’s Ministry and Nursery.
At all times someone trained in Infant and Child CPR and First Aid will be on the premises in the nursery area.  We are also trained and can use Epi-Pens.   
If you would like additional information on our nursery program or have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact our Nursery Coordinator, Angie Smith at 803-269-6934

For a complete listing of nursery policies and procedures click here