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Mauldin United Methodist Church first foreign mission team was to Peru in 2004 and we have gone back every year since.  Our teams work with Scripture Union of Peru to help build Christian orphanages for street boys.  A street boy is anywhere from 5 to 18 years old, has been kicked out of his home because his single mom can no longer afford to care for the whole family or because she has a new man in her life that does not want to care for another man's children.  It is almost always the boy who is kicked out because he reminds the mother of the men who have mistreated her and because she sees herself in her daughters.  Sometimes it is as simple as the mother has picked a favorite child and kicks the other one out.  Regardless of how they get there, street boys are considered the lowest of low in their society.  They are often beaten and tortured, sometimes by the police and sometimes by their mother's new man.  Everyone considers them as non-human and eventually they see themselves the same way.  They do anything to survive including selling their young bodies and stealing so they can buy glue to huff and escape their harsh reality.

Scripture Union of Peru takes these boys and provides them with food and love at first until they can build up enough trust to get them to move into an orphanage.  There house parents hope to break down the wall of science and mistrust ingrained into every street boy so they can see how much they are loved by God and the people who want to help them.  They help provide them with opportunities, school and again lots of love to hopefully help break the cycle of abuse.  They even help them enter college, military or provide basic job training after they are old enough to move out.

Our Mission teams have been helping by building orphanage facilities at their various campsites, playing with the boys at these orphanages and helping to convince these boys that through God's love we are there to help them.  We have worked on 3 different sites so far:  Pureto Alegria, Kawai and Kimo.  Our mission team is open to other churches and many have joined us and spread our passion for this ministry to their own churches.

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Pictures from the 2010 Peru Mission team to Puerto Alegria and Kimo.

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