Our Belief in Prayer

At MUMC we believe in the importance of prayer both in the life of our congregation and in the everyday lives of our members. Prayer is communion with God; it is the gift God has given us whereby we can enjoy the closest, most intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. Prayer is also participation in the work of God; it is the resource God has given us to share in the work of His kingdom on earth. The Gospels show us that prayer was the heart of Jesus' perfect communion with His Father and the energizing source of His mighty acts.
      At MUMC we believe that a spirit of prayer should permeate all aspects of our life as the Body of Christ. Thus, in addition to our prayers in worship, we begin our meetings with a prayer for God's guidance and by lighting a candle to symbolize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our midst. In order to help our members grow in their prayer lives, courses on prayer are a mainstay of our ministry of education.
      If you have a need, please don't hesitate to ask our prayer ministry to pray for you. Please feel free to email your prayer request to our Prayer Team leader, Pam Arries, at
arriespga@aol.com. Or you can submit your request using the form on this web site. If you ask us to, we will be happy to add your request to our prayer chain.

Prayer Opportunities

Prayer Groups
Each Sunday, members and visitors may request prayer for themselves or loved ones by filling in prayer request cards, located in the pews, and placing them in the collection plates. Prayer requests are compiled into a prayer request list on Sunday, and beginning with Monday morning, individuals begin interceding for the persons named. 

Prayer Chain
Also open to anyone, the Prayer Chain enables partcipants to pray in their homes for needs of the congregation, community, and world. Requests are passed on by email as they are received. If you would like to join the Prayer Chain, please call the church office, (864) 288-4728.

Prayer Studies
Would you like to join others in learning how to grow in your prayer life? Throughout the year MUMC offers a variety of prayer studies at various times. For information about upcoming prayer studies, please call the church office, (864) 288-4728.

How to Pray

Find a quiet place, free from distractions, and a time during which you will not be interrupted. Realize that when you pray, God is actually present with you. Your prayers should include the following:

Praise God for His omniscience, His omnipresence. Praise Him for His work in your life and in our church. Praise Him for His perfect plan of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

Pray for family members, friends, fellow church members, co-workers, anyone you know needs prayer. Pray for God's grace in their situation, and especially pray that this person will see His love at work in his/her life. Don't forget to reach out beyond your own personal circle to pray for the needs of all the peoples of the world.

We have God's assurance that when we confess our sins and truly repent -- that is, turn away from our sins -- He will forgive us through His divine grace. Be specific in confessing your sins of thought, word, and deed. Ask for forgiveness, and pray that the indwelling Holy Spirit will help you overcome sin in your life.

We are to give thanks in all circumstances, the good and the bad. Give thanks to God for all his precious gifts of love in a kind word, a beautiful sunset, a child's smile, whatever brings you joy. Then give thanks for God's grace to help you through difficult circumstances.


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