Annual and Ongoing Fundraising Events:

 The Mauldin UMC United Methodist Men are very active in raising money to support the church’s direction for ministry in action.  All proceeds from any fundraisers or other income go to church supported ministries and missions.

 Mauldin UMM Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper  
 The Mauldin UMM has sponsored the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper for many years.   All proceeds go to church supported ministries and missions.   

Annual UMM Golf Tournament:  


The Annual Golf Tournament is a favorite of the Mauldin UMM group and generally is the largest producer of income usually used to help support foreign missions such as the Peru and Tanzania mission trips.  Dates are TBA each year but usually fall in May.


Annual UMM Turkey Fry:  

 The first annual Turkey Fry was held in 2007 and was a great success.  Therefore, it was decided to keep it as an annual event scheduled for early December.  Turkey sandwiches are sold at the fry to help generate additional funds and was a hit for all visitors to our gym for the first basketball games of the season.

Aluminum Can Recycling Project: 

This project started in 2008 and is moving forward, full speed ahead.  Mauldin UMM is expecting to generate ~$100 a month from this initiative.  Collection bins have been placed around the church for drop-off convenience.

NOTE: $0.55 per pound is the going rate at the Carolina Recycling Center in Berea. It takes 32 cans to make a pound.

Mauldin UMM Woodworking Shop Ministry: 

The Mauldin UMM Woodworking Shop's purpose is to serve the church by providing facilities to help the church save money on custom furniture, provide repairs to existing equipment in the church, and supply the community with services.

Bi-Lo Bonus Card Ongoing Ministry Fundraiser:  

Bi-Lo allows non-profit organizations to benefit from a donation of 1% of the sales of all persons utilizing their Bi-Lo bonus cards allocated to the specific organization.  The Mauldin UMM have adopted this practice and provided cards to the congregation to use when they are shopping.  1% of all their purchases go to the Mauldin UMM Ministry.