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Matthew 28:  18-20
Missions/Outreach  The 4th G is Go and our mission/outreach activities strive to provide every member of Mauldin United Methodist Church with an opportunity to go forth and serve using their unique spirtual gifts and fruits of the spirit.  Our mission/outreach practices forming relationships and breaking down barriers in our worl so that those who particpate can truly experience sharing God's love through simple acts of kindness, basic hospitality and working to help others better their lives. Contact missions@mauldinmethodist.com if interested in finding an activity you can become passionate about.
Stewardship:   serves as primary vehicle of the church for promoting, identifying, and receiveing commitments related to opportunities of stewardship in terms of time, talents, and treasures.  It's at the heart of our 5th "G"....GIVE using "Extravagant Generosity".  Specifically, the committee annually offers opportunities for service through time & talent surveys, as well as conducts the annual operating budget campaign. 
Stewardship committee also conducts capital fundraising campaigns as needed.
Contact:  Woody Matthews if you are interested in this vital opportunity

Ushers---  Ushers are a vital part of our worship service as they are one of the "front-lines" of our 1st "G"..... GATHER together to share in God's "Radical Hospitality".  We truly care about people, and we are joyful to have people come to worship.  We help escort people to seats, find out how their week was, genuinely thank them for being there...make them feel loved and wanted...because that's what Jesus wants.  We also collect the offertory each week.  If you are interested in getting involved in this ministry,
please contact Juanita Bray for Traditional Service 

or David Jones or Ken Hamill for LIVE service.

Greeters---   Imagine you are a visitor...new to town, and don't know many people (if any).  Imagine how comforting it would be to be greeted by a friendly face who is eager to introduce themselves, answer any questions, direct them to appropriate places, and make them feel welcome as they arrive at our church!  It would go a long way in ensuring that a visitor turns into a member of our church family!  Consider your gifts and extroverted personality and pray about this opportunity to be one of the many smiling, greeting "faces" of Mauldin Methodist.  If you are interested, please contact Barbara Carpenter.

Worship Committee--   Luke 10:27  The worship committee oversees and coordinates all aspects of worship services...music, ushers, communion stewards, wedding coordination, flowers, paraments, acolytes, etc.  The committee is comprised of 10-15 members.   Our 2nd "G"..."GLORIFY" God with "Passionate Worship" is at the heart of the worship committee.  We seek to ensure that an environment is created that enables the Holy Spirit to work effectively within our congregation.   Worship describes those times we gather deliberately seeking to encounter God in Christ.   God uses worship to transform lives, heal wounded souls, renew hope, shape decisions, provoke change, inspire compassion, and bind people to one another.  The word "passionate" expresses an intense desire, an ardent spirit, strong feelings, and the sense of heightened importance. It describes an emotional connection that goes beyond intellectual consent bringing eagerness, anticipation, expectancy, deep commitment, and belief.  "Passionate Worship", whether traditional or contemporary, means an extraordinary eagerness to offer the best in worship, honoring God with excellence and with an unusual clarity about the purpose of connecting people to God. It is worship that is not dry, routine, or boring, keeping the form while lacking the spirit.   It is not performance; it is devotion and celebration...expressing our love of God.

Sound/Audiovisual--   If you have a passion and are skilled in, or interested in learning to run the soundboard for either the LIVE service or the sanctuary, we could use you!   Especially in contemporary worship, the use of sound, lights and video elements are vital, and need a team of people to run effectively.  Speaking of video, if you are skilled in using Pro Presenter on the Mac, you could help us build our presentations as well.  Contact:  Howard Hammond for the LIVE Service or Carter Robinson for Traditional.

Evangelism--   We are called to make Disciples of Jesus and to bring people in to the body of Christ.  That is what Evangelism is all about.  Spreading the Gospel to those who don't know Jesus.  It's vitally important and we need spiritually gifted folks who have a passion for reaching out in our community and bringing people in.  Contact Brian Carnecki for more information.

Children's Ministry    

Communications-    There is an abundance of work to be done and just about anyone who desires to can use their individual talents to enhance our programs.  Whether it's writing radio commercials or being a voice for one, working with local newspapers or decorating bulletin boards, we have a place for you.  Your talents can be as diverse as having computer savvy to assisting with fund-raising.  There is no age limit as there is no limit to the fulfillment you may find in doing the Lord's work. Please contact the church office for details. 

Nurture Committee-    The primary role of the Nurture Committee is to actively demonstrate through Christian service a deep concern for the welfare of the congregation of MUMC.  Volunteer coordinated programs have been developed to extend the love of the church to relieve the loneliness of persons who are homebound or in nursing homes through visitation, telephone calls, flowers, gift baskets, and delivery Sunday service tapes.  Our congregation equips lay people for the Stephen Ministry, which offers one-on-one confidential counseling to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  

Medical Transportation coordinates help for those in need of non-emergency medical transportation.  

The Bereavement support Group provides meals for those experiencing the loss of a loved one.    

Helping Hands coordinates assistance for singles, seniors and shut-ins with tasks such as household maintenance, yard work, transportation, shopping and assistance on business matters.  

Call the church office at 288-4728 Ext 121 to request assistance or to volunteer.
Contact Chair:  Dana Tucker 

Discipleship-     A big word, a bigger purpose!  So what does the word even mean?  It's just a fancy word that means the process of becoming more and more like Christ.  Sometimes it happens a little at a time, sometimes in big steps.  One thing is certain, though; change is always the result of deliberate effort.   One of the best ways to be a person after God's own heart is through the study of His Word.  Discipleship is at the heart of our 3rd "G"....GROW by .  As we learn more about Christ, we learn more about the one we are to pattern our lives after.  The Discipleship Committee seeks to offer programs that help deepen our understanding of many aspects of the Christian life such as: 
*The Bible
*The Methodist Tradition
*The Life of Christ
*Our Christian Journey
*Christian Parenting
*Men's and Women's Studies
*Christian Principles Applied to Life Today

In addition, Discipleship takes what we have learned and helps us apply it to our hectic lives.  While there are many ways to offer these types of programs, the Discipleship ZCommittee seeks to offer a continuing variety through:
*Short Term Bible Studies
*Long Term Bible Studies
*Wednesday Night Activities
*Special Events

The Discipleship Committee meets every other month to discuss what topics are of current interest to the congregation, review course materials, and look for innovative ways to help individuals strengthen their walk with Christ through a deeper understanding of who they are.  Discipleship committee members serve for 3 years.  It's a challenging mission and the committee welcomes those with a passion for helping others learn more about Christ.  Whether you would like to be a part of the committee, have a passion for teaching a study, or if you just have a good idea to share, please let us know.

Call the church office 288-4728 and ask for details on how to serve!

 History Committee--    The purpose of the History Committee is:
  • Establish an archive if it does not already exist.
  • Encourage church officers to keep accurate church records.
  • Provide for the preservation of all records and historical materials no longer in current use.
  • Promote interest in the history and heritage of The United Methodist Church and of our own congregation.
  • Assist the pastor and others in the annual observance of Heritage Sunday and in the celebration of significant anniversaries.
    Contact the church office to get involved!

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